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Jay H. about his system and his life in freedom.
£6432 a month while traveling
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 Jay H.

“I’ve been earning between £150 and £250 on a daily basis for years - and on this blog I show you how you can do this as well.”

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Did you know that 43% of all new millionaires made their fortunes from the Internet? Quite an impressive statistic, unfortunately I’m not (yet) a millionaire but I do make very good money on the Internet. As a result of this, I’m able to do tons of things I couldn’t have done with a normal job, for example a 2-weeks vacation in New York last year, weekend trips to Rome and Barcelona, or a three month travel to Thailand ... (see pictures below).

My name is Jay, I’m a 28 year old guy from Bristol and everywhere I go, I always get asked ... “Jay, How are you able to travel the world, yet you haven’t worked in years?” Well, since 2012 I have been making on average £6432 every month on the Internet so I decided to write this blog to help people do the same thing.

Before we start you must know one thing: You probably won’t become a millionaire with my system but this is not my goal, for now all I’m interested in doing is traveling the world and having the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

If your looking to become a millionaire overnight then this will not be for you - but if you want to make some extra money, have a few trips to Ibiza a year or maybe a new car – then this is definitely for you.

You may be wondering why I’m sharing my system for free? – Well it’s simple, It makes no difference to me whether you choose to use my system or not, so why wouldn’t I share it?

My story of success and how you can profit from it

When I first started, I was working around 1-2 hours a day and back in 2012 I discovered a simple & safe system that allows me to earn money with very little risk...

I earned £2517 by the end of my first month. Which is when I decided to increase the hours I spent on this and since then I have been earning at least £6432 on average per month – better still, I have no boss and complete freedom.

That freedom has allowed me to travel the world. Take a look at some of my pictures from different vacations below:

Weekend trip to Rome

Winter Break to New York

Relaxing in Thailand

The system I discovered is really simple. Initially it does sound a little complicated but after a few attempts you will realise how easy it is to follow. The method is used on a special online trading platform, similar to Forex or Trading Stock’s (but a lot more user friendly).

IMPORTANT: For this method to work, you must follow my instructions, Please do not get greedy and try to change the rules, so many times I have showed my method to people and they try to improve my method or get greedy and they fail.

1) You need to register at BDSwiss is the market leader in Europe for binary options. This platform is 100% legit (you may have seen their TV adverts) and is my most trusted source (believe me I have used around 8 different platforms in the past).

2) Once you have created your account you need to make your first deposit. I would recommend anywhere between £100 to £300 (the more you deposit, the quicker you will start profiting).

To deposit funds you need to click “Account > Deposit Funds” Once you have funded your account you can begin to earn money with my system.

Change your life with these 2 simple steps:

After you have clicked on “Binary Options” and “Trade” you only need to carry out the following instructions. Stick to the £25 rule. You shouldn´t trade more than £25 in the beginning.

Remember: Do not get greedy!

This method is quite simple, because you either choose to CALL or PUT. To have the best chances, it is advised to follow the trend of the chart... (if you see the chart rising hit «Call» if it is declining hit «Put»)

1) Put £25 on an asset

Example: You choose EUR/USD, and you see the chart rising so you hit «Call».

2) The 2 possible outcomes ...

Outcome 1: Successful Trade! You won and earned up to 85% Profit. Repeat this process.

Outcome 2: You lose! Now you have to double your stake to £50 and click “PUT” and repeat the process, it is mathematically impossible to lose!

Losing is mathematically impossible!

I have made over 10,000 trades and have found the following results:

The first trade is more or less 50% chance of winning

Second is 67.4%

Third is 81.78%

Fourth is 98.22%

... And finally the fifth is 99.79%

So it is important to note that even IF you lose the first few trades the 3rd or 4th will cover the initial investment. The following trades will be pure profit!

So, are you ready to start profiting?

Get started now!

If you have tried my method, please post your feedback here.

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flycatcherrr profile image

Peter Fleichler a few minutes ago

I seen this guy partying out in Thailand, Cheers Jay I will check out your method today!

flycatcherrr profile image

Usemybee 2 months ago

Thanks Jay – I started trading last week and I earned £321 in total, Thanks!

Diaper Bag Blog profile image

Michael Arkans 1 hour ago

How do I withdraw my earnings from my account?

Diana Wenzel profile image

Lin Schmitz 3 hours ago

It is simple, just go to “My Account” then click “Withdraw”

qikey1 lm profile image

Vanessa Volak 7 hours ago

Has anyone else tried this??

NuttSoRuff profile image

Gianni Vapello 1.55 pm

Is this allowed by the trading company?

GregoryMoore profile image

Cat Lee 2.10 pm

I believe so, I cant see why it wouldn’t, Ive been using it for a few weeks now!

NuttSoRuff profile image

Gianni Vapello 4.47 pm

Ok thanks – I will try it today.

NuttSoRuff profile image

Kevin Huth 5.03 pm

Hey Jay, I’ve been using your system for the last 6 months now, are you going to Ibiza again this summer, would love to buy you a drink!

NuttSoRuff profile image

Pascal Stahler 5.11 pm

Ill be going to Ibiza, in August if you want to meet up, bring your laptop we can discuss strategies?